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"She makes linen garments and sells them, and supplies the merchants with sashes."
- Proverbs 31:24
Here are some pictures of recent shirts that I've made. Some were in bulk, some were commissioned,
some were just for me. I make custom designs as well!
Hit Like A Girl-$25
Kinda Classy/Hood - $20
KC Heart - $25
Children Set
- $30
Pvbs 31/Tupac - $25
It is Well   Wreath - $25

 Sports Designs

  1. Raised Royal - $25
    Raised Royal - $25
    Support your Kansas City Royals with this sparkly shirt!
  2. Mom Baseball Heart 1 - $25
    Mom Baseball Heart 1 - $25
    Show your pride for your favorite team by sporting their team colors with this shiny shirt!
  3. Hey Batter Batter - $25
    Hey Batter Batter - $25
    Kids sizes or adult sizes! Any team colors
  4. Baseball Love - $30
    Baseball Love - $30
    Display your favorite player's number in this adorable shirt! Any team colors!
  5. Baseball Love - $30
    Baseball Love - $30
    Display your favorite player's number in any color for your team!
  6. Killing Me Smalls - $25
    Killing Me Smalls - $25
    Display your favorite sports movie quote in this funny shirt
  7. Ain't Got That Swing - $30
    Ain't Got That Swing - $30
    You just thought it was a song. Any team colors
  8. Fields of Joy - $25
    Fields of Joy - $25
    This shirt has a wonderful Bible verse on it. Any team colors.
  9. No Place Like Home - $25
    No Place Like Home - $25
    Show your love for baseball with this adorable shirt. Any team colors
  10. Baseball Grandpa - $30
    Baseball Grandpa - $30
    Show your pride with this cute shirt. Any team colors, any relation.
  11. Killing Me Smalls - $25
    Killing Me Smalls - $25
    Same Quote, different font. Any team colors
  12. Go Team - $25
    Go Team - $25
    Any Sport, Any Team Name, Any Color
  13. Team Spirit Sweatshirts - $40
    Team Spirit Sweatshirts - $40
    Customize with your Team Name and Colors
Like what you see?! Contact me or visit my Etsy Shop to purchase these designs.  Also, let me know if you need something created or customized to your needs/event. Thanks for stopping by!
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